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~St. Augustine~              

I am attempting to explore My Personal Journey of Faith.   Unlike so much of my writing, this subject is difficult for me to open-up about.   I consider myself to be a rather private person, one who finds it hard to share my inner-most feelings with others.  However, I realize that each of us is here on this Earth for only a finite time.  Because my Christian Faith is so fundamental and important in my life, I am compelled to share it with others.  Please, do not be offended by this.   If you (the reader) choose to Listen, then Listen with an open heart and mind.   If your beliefs lie elsewhere, then go in Peace to follow your own path.  Just do so with tolerance and true felt love and compassion for others who may be very different from you.  We all should long for Peace and Justice for all of the Earth's creatures.  It is necessary for the survival of our world.....and such a beautiful world it is and could become and remain if we will expend the effort to make it so.

'Pray thee listen, Do not treat life with little regard.   Tolerate those whom are different than yourself and learn to Love them for their variety.'


Essay - My Personal Journey of Faith

SCC - Some personal reflections and a Poem

Some Thoughts on Prayer - an Essay of Faith

A Prayer that I wrote
( It could tell you a lot more about me than I want you to know--but you must read between the lines)

Some of my Favorite Bible passages

Answered Prayers - An essay of personal experience

Sand Art - Created for the Glory of God, then washed away on the tides.

Tribute to St. Joseph (New and expanded format)

Mary, Mother of Jesus (New and expanded format)

New  Section:  December 1, 2002  For All The Saints

Forwards - Some beautiful words and thoughts of inspiration.

A Prayer as War Begins, March 20, 2003


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